Tuesday, 24 January 2012


My friend and I have come up with a new concept, which we will be naming 'treat month'.
We are both shopping / clothes obsessives, but have been known on occasion to make some pretty poor decisions. For her, the poor decisions extend as far as owning approximately 15 plain grey tshirts - but not actually liking any of them - and constantly lusting after a satisfying closet of T by Alexander Wang basics. My issues lie much deeper however. My wardrobe has been described as a charity shop, ridiculous, and plain hilarious to name but a few insults. What can I say, I'm a fan of colour and print, but unfortunately not always of the tasteful kind! I am an impulse shopper, the kind H&M lure in with their vibrant window displays, which in reality would only suit a hipster 14 year old.
Treat month is going to change everything. Our lives will suddenly transform, and we will soon be the chic, sophisticated new generation of fashion superstars we have always wanted to be. Well, unlikely...but I'm sure some long term investment pieces can be no bad thing, right? BASICALLY, the idea works simply.... every second month we buy something really nice as soon as we get paid, and live on a (major) budget for the rest of that month. That way, we will have 6 nice things by the end of the year, and 6 months full of exciting adventures and wild nights out!
All in all, it is a win win situation - liver gets six months of rest from partying for the year, and we get 6 amazing pieces of clothing!

For our trial run of treat month I have short
listed my options below;

What to choose?!


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